DealerClass 101

why Santa Barbara dealer school ???

TriStar Motors is not your ordinary DMV Approved Dealer Education Provider.

Most of the 50 or so competitors purport to be experts in the auto industry.
Most competitors charge low fees which range anywhere between $75 – $200.
Most of the providers are insurance brokers trying to cross sell you surety bonds.
Some own their own registration service hoping to gain your business upon being licensed.
Some are former attorneys who have never actually SOLD a car as a retail used car dealer.
Some are retired DMV Inspectors trying to peddle you special access to the licensing process.
Most have jumped into the car dealer education business in the hopes of earning fast money.

TriStar Motors has been a DMV Approved Education provider for over 23 years.

Our curriculum is reviewed every month to incorporate updates in the law.
We are licensed retail car dealers, licensed auto brokers & licensed BPA registration agents.
We walk the walk to talk the talk and we answer dealer questions every day, 7 days a week.
We specifically address the California Vehicle Code and Title 13 of the California Code of Regulations in our training.

Our philosophy in teaching this dealer education course is simple.

We assist the applicant to understand the legal framework available.
We emphasize the legal ramifications of running a dealership in California.
Becoming a licensed used car dealer in California is one of the most HIGHLY REGULATED industries.
Prospective dealers need to fully understand what they are getting themselves into by getting licensed.

We build our dealer applicants the strongest business foundation possible.

Our instructors come from many aspects of the car dealer industry. Our founders were experienced law enforcement training management all retired S.F.P.D. When a licensed dealer violates laws and regulations they will likely face a civil lawsuit from a car dealer attorney representing the consumer.
The dealer will likely face charges for violations of the California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act ( CLRA )
The dealer could also face charges by local, state and federal authorities on a consumer protection violation.
The dealer could also face inquiry, an administrative investigation and revocation hearing by the California DMV.

We are experts at the dealer licensing business and we have years of assisting used car dealers in all of these scenarios.

Every DMV Dealer Education Provider is legally required to cover certain topics.

Every instructor who offers the course must follow guidelines as outlined by DMV.
Because of this mandate prospective dealer applicants looking to get licensed assume we are all the same.
The truth is not so readily apparent. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.

Most providers give students a brief understanding of each topic.

TriStar Motors gives students a comprehensive overview of each topic.

We explain how to accomplish all of the tasks required of a licensed used car dealer.

The background knowledge and information we provide in this course is unmatched by our competition.

Our fees are not comparable to other providers because we are not offering the same product and service.

It’s like comparing apples to oranges, or buying a clean title car for a salvage title price.

If you are solely looking for a course certificate for the lowest price possible please use our competition.

Our company stands 23 years strong in quality dealer education and probably would not be a good fit for you.

You definitely get what you pay for in the car dealer education world.

If you are interested in actually learning how to

run a smooth compliant used car business

then TriStar Motors is the first

and only choice.

DealerClass 101

Burbank DMV Dealer License Class by Farhan Mohammadi

Getting your used car dealer license is a process

and we help you before, during & after the car dealer class


We are the only licensed retail dealer / brokers with a teaching license

Let us help you build your Used Car Dealer License

Let us help you find vendors to make serious money


We have more teachers in more locations

than any other car dealer school


DMV Certified Car Dealer Education since 1998


Farhan Mohammadi


Teaching in Fresno, Riverside, Hollywood, Ventura and Burbank


Claudia Patton


Teaching in Culver city, Hollywood, Los Angeles & Orange County


Azita Rezaei


Teaching in Fairfield, Fremont, Fresno, Bakersfield and Burbank


Jorge Elizalde


Teaching in Modesto, Tracy, Stockton, Turlock & Fresno


Elizabeth Bertolone


Teaching in Gilroy, Campbell, Salinas, & San Jose


Iris Cervantes


Teaching in La Mesa, Temecula, Riverside & San Diego


Sony Duong


Teaching in Garden Grove, Anaheim, Long Beach & Los Angeles


Sonia Haloulos


Teaching in San Diego, La Mesa, National City & Chula Vista





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DealerClass 101

private class to become a DMV licensed transporter

DMV licensed transporters
forward dealer auction vehicles
to a dealers licensed location
Transporters are issued special plates
Transporters must carry liability insurance
Transporters haul vehicles acquired and disposed of by local dealers
We are the oldest and largest dealer education provider in california
Private classes offered across California