DealerClass 101

basic equipment checklist for used car dealers


Basic Equipment Checklist
  • Safety Belts – All in good working order.
  • Headlights – 2 White headlights, both working.
  • Taillights – 2 red taillights, both working. Visible for 500 ft. to the rear, red lenses are required.
  • License Plate Lights – White rear license plate light visible for 50 ft. to the rear.
  • Rear Reflectors – 2 red reflectors on side rear fenders of vehicle, either part of taillights or separate.
  • Brake Lights – 2 brake lights, both working, visible from 500 ft. in normal daylight conditions. Red lenses are required.
  • Turn Signals – Right and left turn signals on the front and rear of vehicle. Front signals may be white or amber, rear signals may be red, yellow or amber. Must be visible from 500 ft.
  • License Plates – Front and rear plates are required, except for motorcycles and trailers.
  • Brakes – In good working order
  • Tires – No body ply or belt material exposed, no tred or sidewall separation, should have a minimum of 2/32 inches of tread. Check tire pressure.
  • Exhaust System – Good working order and constant operation. Noise and smoke restrictions apply.
  • Windows & Windshield – Clean, free from obstructions, cracks or decals.
  • Winshield Wipers – Good working wipers required
  • Rearview Mirror – Driver must be able to see at least 200 ft. behind the vehicle at all times.
  • Horn – Working horn required, must be audible from 200 ft. away.
  • Fenders – Must cover entire width of the tire tread that touches the pavement.
  • Minimum Clearance – No part of a passenger vehicle can have less clearance from the road than the lowest part of the rim of any wheel.


DealerClass 101

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DealerClass 101

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