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DealerClass 101

Always Run the VIN

61 corvette

DealerClass 101

DMV Services by Appointment Fresno Airport

No more lines at DMV

No more waiting for hours

Instant renewals in person

We issue new registration cards

We issue license plates & stickers

Open by Appointment

Fresno International Airport

Azita Rezaei


DealerClass 101

Mentors are allowed to attend the car dealer class at no charge

Dealer License + Auction Access + Plates

We are NOT Attorneys who have a wholesale license and no experience
We are NOT retired DMV Inspectors who pretend to know the business
We are NOT Product Vendors trying to sell you unneeded car dealer products
We ARE the only real car dealer school
We ARE actual retail car dealer / brokers
We ARE also licensed as DMV verifiers
We ARE also licensed as DMV registration agents
Our dedication to quality dealer education can include:
 answering questions before, during & after the class
 handbooks and printed materials included in the class price
 providing a list of certified used car dealer vendors
 a complete build of your dealer license application
 site inspection prior to DMV licensing
 red flag rules training for BHPH used car dealers
 salesperson training
 licensed verifier training
 DMV paperwork training ( including BPA )
 expert witness testimony in the event of enforcement action
Mentors are encouraged to come with their dealer license student
Mentors are allowed to attend the car dealer class at no charge
DealerClass 101

Good Car Company ???

California attorney general accuses prominent Sacramento car dealer Paul Blanco of fraud

Becerra has been investigating the dealership’s practices for two years, officials said, and is seeking a permanent injunction against the alleged practices and restitution. He asked any car buyers who feel they were victims of the alleged practices to call the attorney general’s complaint line at 1-800-952-5225.

DealerClass 101

Rosemont DMV Registration Agent

Title Transfers

License Plates

VIN Verifications

Registration Stickers

Avoid the Line & Walk Out Happy

Seven Day Service Available 415-730-3137 Azita Rezaei

DealerClass 101

Everything To Sell Your First Car

Become a Licensed Used Car Dealer

Pre-Licensing Dealer Class

In all of the following locations:


·Culver City·Eureka·Fairfield·Fremont·Fresno·

Garden Grove·Gilroy·Hollywood·La Mesa·Long Beach·

Los Angeles·Modesto·Novato·Palm Springs·

Rancho Cordova·Redding·Riverside·Roseville·Sacramento·Salinas·

San Diego·San Francisco·San Jose·San Luis Obispo·San Mateo·

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DealerClass 101

2021 Dealer Education

Take the time

Pay the Money


Get it right the first time

So many of our Dealer License students

are recycled from other DMV Providers


Dealer Education Provider 2020


DealerClass 101

What is your car dealer bond ??

The idea of getting a surety bond for you or your business can initially seem like a pretty intimidating process. To start with, most of us have no idea what a surety bond is before we are asked to post one for some reason. It’s not like surety bonding is a subject that you learned about in school and it typically isn’t considered fascinating material for leisure reading either.

On top of that, getting bonded is usually part of a larger difficult process such as starting a new business or going through a licensing or permitting process. The good news is that by following a few basic steps, most people quickly realize that getting bonded can be a painless process.

Step 1: Do Some Research

What is a Surety Bond?

Get started by doing some research to learn more about the surety bond you need and becoming bonded. “Surety bond” is a general term for many different contractual obligations serving a variety of different purposes across the country. There are literally thousands of different types of surety bonds nationwide and they vary from small compliance requirements to large broad financial guarantees.

The good news is that the party requesting you to obtain a bond (the obligee) typically provides detail on the bond type you need. This information may be in the form of the actual bond form or some written instructions referencing the bond terms or a bond form reference number. It may be helpful to also speak with other colleagues or trusted industry participants about the bonding requirement.

Credit scores impact bond costs

At this juncture, it is also important to review your credit report and make sure that there aren’t any errors. The bond application will typically require a credit check and a review of your payment history. Any errors on your report could result in a higher bond cost or in the worst case, denial of your bond application. You may wish to find out more about how credit scores impact bond costs.

Step 2: Contact a Reputable Bond Specialist

The next step is to contact a licensed surety bond agent (i.e. a bond specialist) to assist you with securing competitive quotes for your surety bond need. There are many nationwide bonding agencies that can be found online. When selecting a bonding agency, look for a licensed and credible surety businessAn agency that specializes in surety bonds and has high ratings from an independent review source such as Trustpilot or Google is a good start. You can typically begin the process by giving them a call or completing an online quote request form.Get quotes from a specialized surety agency like Surety Bonds Direct that automatically searches multiple surety insurance companies for you.  

The bond specialist will be helpful in determining exactly what bond you need and the bond amount required if you are still unsure. The bond specialist will also guide you through the process and assist in answering any questions you may still have about the bond requirement. You will typically complete a short quote request form or application that is customized for your specific bond type. The information needed can usually be provided on a user friendly, encrypted online form and only takes a few minutes of your time.

Most importantly though, the bond specialist works as a licensed agent or broker and will “shop” for the best rates in the market on your behalf so you know how much the bond will cost. A good bond specialist works with several reputable insurers and will act as your advocate and ultimately recommend the best option for your bond based on bond price and other important factors.

The entire process from quote request to bond issuance typically can be completed in less than 24 hours and in many cases can be done in the same day. Specialized surety agencies such as Surety Bonds Direct allow easy online payment for most bonds and financing options may be available to pay for your bond over time.

Step 3: Receive and Submit Your Bond

Once you receive your official bond documents, you will usually need to review, sign and submit the original documents to the obligee. You will receive the official signed and sealed bond form along with a power of attorney document which gives the agent or other surety representative authority to execute your bond. In most cases, the bond forms will have been pre-filled at your bond specialist’s office for your convenience.

Some obligees and bond forms such as freight broker bonds for the FMCSA, mortgage broker bonds for the NMLS, and the California contractors license bonds for the California CSLB can be submitted electronically and your surety agent will submit the bond for you. Most bond forms, however, require that the principal (you) sign the bond. In these cases, your surety agent will send the official bond to you and you will need to sign the bond and submit the original bond to the obligee. 

Always make sure everything is correct on the bond forms prior to submitting to the obligee. Errors on bond forms such as incorrect business names, addresses, bond amounts and other spelling errors can cause delays in getting bonded and potentially additional costs.

If your bond is needed for a license or permit, detailed submission instructions are usually provided with your licensing paperwork or online at the obligee’s website. Although bond terms vary, most surety bonds will be written for an annual term and can be renewed for additional terms as needed. Your bond specialist will contact you when its time for renewal to go over renewal pricing and any required changes to the bond.

Step 4: Keep up with Required Changes to Your Bond

We know that this is supposed to be “3 steps” but we wanted to add in this important 4th item!

Make sure you to keep your bond up to date. This involves notifying your agent of any changes required to your bond after the bond has been issued and making sure to renew your bond for subsequent terms. Taking these steps will ensure your bond is always active and compliant with the obligee’s requirements. Common updates that may need to be made to a bond after issuance include changes to

  • Business name or new DBA
  • Business address
  • Ownership structure
  • Coverage amount

These modifications or endorsements are handled through a bond rider, an official document issued by your agent to amend the bond as needed. The rider becomes part of the bond document going forward. A good agent will always remind you in advance of the need to renew the bond for the next term to ensure no lapse in coverage but it is also a good idea to keep these dates on your calendar as well.


DealerClass 101

California DMV Licensing Operations Headquarters

Occupational Licensing Branch – Headquarter Sections
Licensing Sections:
Business Licensing Unit: Dealers, Lessor-Retailers, Dismantlers, Registration Services, Transporters, and Driving & Traffic Violator School (Owner, Operator & Instructors) contact: (916) 229-3126
Individual Licensing Unit: Salesperson, Representatives, Vehicle Verifiers, Vessel Agents and Employer Testing Program Participants contact: (916) 229-3128
OL Compliance: Manufacturers, Distributors, or questions regarding products requiring licensure should contact: (916) 229-3154
Compliance and Support Sections:
Application Review/Administrative Disciplinary Action (916) 229-3129
Administrative Service Fee (916) 229-3138
Dishonored Checks (916) 229-3138
Surety Bond Cancellation/Reinstatement/Replacement (916) 229-3307
Information Services:
Voice Mail Line (916) 229-3151
Group Mailbox

Mailing Information:

Postal Service

Occupational Licensing Section
P. O. Box 932342 MS L224
Sacramento, CA 94232-3420

Courier Deliveries Only – No Public Access

Occupational Licensing Section
8243 Demetre Ave
Sacramento, CA 95828

DealerClass 101


Do You Have A Passion for Cars?

Do You Understand The Process of Repair?

Your Knowledge Can Generate Significant Cash

Become a Licensed Wholesale Used Car Dealer

Work From Home

Pay No Sales Taxes

Avoid Registration Fees

Operate on Dealer License Plates

Fleet Insurance For Your Entire Inventory

Get Licensed

24/7 Call Center 800-901-5950

REAL Dealers Teaching Dealers

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DealerClass 101

San Jose MobileDMV

  • Renew your annual vehicle registration
  • Replace lost stickers and/or registration cards
  • Transfer a title
  • Issue a replacement vehicle title
  • Release liability
  • Out of State VIN Verifications
  • Draft Wholesale to Retail Sale
  • Lift registration suspension
  • Replace lost or stolen license plates
  • Dealer Discounts Available
  • Text Me Azita 415-730-3137
DealerClass 101

What is your car dealer bond ??

Whether you have a lot or not, getting a surety bond is essential for becoming a licensed dealer. If you’re not sure exactly what a surety bond is, don’t worry—many people aren’t quite sure at first. Check out our page on What Is a Surety Bond? to find out the basics.

Basically, a surety bond serves as a guarantee that your business won’t engage in unethical conduct. That can include everything from misrepresenting a vehicle’s condition to not paying sales taxes. State law will determine how much your bond needs to cover, but amounts can range anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. You’ll pay a percentage of this upfront to the surety and then file your certification with your dealer application.

Although dealer surety bonds usually require credit checks, keep in mind that Surety Bonds Direct can help you even if your credit isn’t perfect. Plus, we offer flexible payment plans to make bonds more affordable for our customers. We work directly with leading national surety bond companies to give our customers the most competitive rates and the best customer service so that your business can grow, flourish and expand.


DealerClass 101

Plan on 30 – 45 days to get licensed in California

Same Day Car Dealer License is not legal in California

Do Not Waste Your Time or Money



DealerClass 101

Shift charges excessive fees

Selling Used Vehicles with a Dealer Preparation Fee is Illegal

Is it time to investigate SHIFT ???

Get Licensed Today


DealerClass 101

San Luis Obispo Registration Agent

Overnight Service

Private Title Transfers

DMV Vehicle Verifications

Duplicate Title Applications

Prices start at $ 40. per vehicle

Avoid the DMV & Renew Your Car License Plate

We need your license plate & the last 4 of the VIN

Azita 415-730-3137 Licensed Registration Agent 93711


DealerClass 101

Always Run the VIN

61 corvette

DealerClass 101

WholesaleDealer 101

Drafted Sales for Wholesale Only Dealers

TriStar Motors LLC as the only licensed retail dealer / broker certified to teach DMV dealer education offers wholesale dealers the ablity to draft retail sales on their retail dealer / broker license. Red Flag Certification required and fees are $ 250. per transaction. Restrictions apply.

Call to arrange a drafted sale, 800-901-5950.